How much does it cost to get a license all together?

The total cost to get your license varies depending on the state and time of year, but in Tennessee, it’s typically around $2,000. While that may seem like a lot, remember that just one house sale can more than double your investment! Our in-person class costs $450 to sign up or $299 for the online option, with the rest of the fees going towards joining your local association. It’s a small investment with the potential for huge rewards in the long run.

What is included in the course?

Our course includes an online textbook, but we don’t rely on it heavily in our teaching. Instead, we use real-life stories and experiences to help you understand concepts like contracts and duress. We also offer online access to videos and practice questions, which are the best resources for reviewing material and preparing for the exam. Our unique approach to real estate education ensures that you’ll be well-prepared to pass the test and start making money in the field.

Are there separate charges for things like textbook or other additional fees for the course?

No need to wonder about extra fees with our school – everything is included in your investment of either $450 or $299, as we don’t use physical textbooks. The only additional charges are a $35 fee for fingerprints, a $39 fee for the test, and an $89 fee for your physical license. But all of these costs are included in the total figure of around $2,000, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises along the way.